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Pit of my Dreams: Reinterpretations is a two-part      
remix series   featuring reworks by
Echelon the Seeker, Contour, Suzi Analogue and TEK.LUN.

Multimedia artist Kevin Chambers (a.k.a. IMKA) designed a custom
         AI algorithm to render the artwork using VQGAN+CLIP.
p{color: red;}body{background color:#8C001A;}Over the course of three days, the algorithm compiled 1000’s of images of erupting volcanoes and dilapidated     
  buildings using the original _Pit of My Dreams cover art [painted by visual
artist Taryn Harris] as the base.

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The resulting
  diptych presents two contrasting themes:    the volcanoes
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a state of release and the buildings
represent a state of distress.

[Process completed]